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Spiritual Guidance & Sessions

Take part in spiritual guidance sessions with Natalie. Her holistic life coaching services help you take control of your life.
She assists clients with life coaching and spiritual healing.

What NATALIE Can Do For You!

- Enhance Relationships & Marriages 

- Get In-tune with Your World & Surroundings 

- Harmony within Mind, Body & Soul 

- Help Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue 

- Help with Career Planning & Financial Strategies 

- Holistic Healing & Spiritual Balance 

- Know Your True Purpose & Path 

- Provide Insights & Guidance 

- Remove Negative Blocks & Obstacles

Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life coaching taps into your spirituality and moves you into the magical realms of manifestation, designing your life, and awakens your dreams. It helps you recognize your own abilities and find the right path to take. It is for those who know they need a change, either physically, mentally or spiritually and are ready to take action NOW.

Holistic Life Coaching is for those who have decided:

  • Need a change. 
  • Will do anything it takes to find their true self. 
  • Want to awaken into the truth of the Universe. 
  • It's time to show the world what they're made of. 
  • To stop always being last. 
  • To achieve personal goals. 
  • Life isn't a place you come to just to pay bills and then die. 
  • Their dreams can come true, no matter what.

Manifestation Coaching

Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Have you ever wondered why it doesn't seem to work for you? The truth is that the manifestation of your dreams is closer to you than you think. It's easier, too! All you need is focus, imagination, visualization and lots of powerful, meditative energy.

Manifestation Coaching is for you if you're determined to:

  • Receive the man/woman of your dreams.
  • Receive all the money you want.
  • Receive the life of your dreams.
  • Make the impossible, possible.
  • Get the higher paying job or promotion.
  • See your business gain success and excel.
  • Reach your full potential.
  • Be as happy as you can be!

Psychic Intuitive

Pick up on past, present, near and far future. Natalie picks up on all matters of life and goes in depth - she can even tell names, dates, and places!

Master Meditation Therapist

Natalie is a master therapist, and through this method of healing you can manifest love, work, better health, better finances, pretty much anything is possible.

Astrologist / Astrology Charts

She can make a 6 month chart or a 12 month chart. A chart will have your personalized horoscope for each month.

Life Coach Therapist

Life Coaching is like having a therapist with insight to the future! She will counsel you through any situation and help make decision making a lot easier with her knowing the out come of your decisions.

Aura Readings and Clearings

The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body like a bubble. It is made up of four different parts: our emotions, spirit, mental state, and health. The aura reflects the inner self, and therefore it changes with changes in us, such as emotions and variations in our mental state. Chinese medicine has always linked body parts to various emotions. These emotions can manifest themselves as trauma, accidents, illness, or stress.
Clearing the aura means getting rid of negative energies and foreign vibrations that may be affecting your energy field. Cleansing the aura means you will be able to attract positive people and positive energies instead of negative ones. For some, aura cleansing means letting go of the past and being willing to move forward into the future. 

After the aura is cleansed, discovering the self through inner work and reflection will be easier. Your energy will be back in a positive flow. Healing can occur naturally and more easily.

Crystal Healing and Therapy 

Crystal therapy heals people suffering through matters of love, health, and addictions. It can assist individuals with releasing heartache when they feel like they just can’t get over someone. Crystal healing can basically release any thing that you don’t want in your life any longer!

Angel Card Readings

Angel cards deliver messages from your angels whereas tarot cards deliver messages from any spirit good or bad. 
Since we are Christians, we choose to read angel cards.


Natalie can communicate with your loved ones from the other side. This gives you a chance to ask or tell your loved ones anything that is on your heart.

Crystal Readings

Gentle, wise, uncannily accurate and beautiful, crystal readings are a unique and fascinating way to allow you to see an honest outline of the big picture of your life.

Although stones appear solid, if she observes the rules of quantum physics, everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are made up mostly of…. space! The particles within these atoms vibrate, and depending on the type of stone or crystal used, a unique vibration is released by that stone. When you hold the stones, you and the earth combine to present an amazing energy, and out comes a clear description of your life.

Amazingly, these readings can even be done by email or by phone with accuracy, but it is much more fun in person when you can see and feel the stones yourself.

Chakra Balancing

Balancing chakra is something everyone should do from time to time When life brings us down it’s like there is no energy left to get up and move again. Balancing your chakra will help a better flow of energy and help you gain the clarity, peace, and strength once again.

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